24-11-2015: International Day for The Elimination of Violence Against Women


                                           Press Release


 November 25th -  International Day for The Elimination of Violence Against Women


Today, fifteen years after the official recognition of the phenomenon of gender violence and of the necessity of its elimination, the First Reception Service turns its attention towards the more vulnerable women, namely those that cross the gateways of the structures of the Service or other relevant institutions. In the threshold of their desperation, these women are ready to believe anyone that seems to promise a supposedly protected life. Because of their need for a protected life, these women –most vulnerable and abandoned among all– are deprived form the most basic human right in a difficult moment: that of clear thought.

Without composure, without criteria, without a clear picture of reality, any of us can become a plaything in the hands of deceitful men. The free, thorough, in depth information provided by the regional structures of the First Reception Service (First Reception Centers and Mobile Units) is unquestionably a first step towards the emancipation and empowerment of those potential victims of exploitation. In front of organized deception and the trafficking networks, in a day like this one, we all are called to stand up and show our position, regardless of our official or other role, in order to break this circle of complicity, which frequently takes the form of complacency and silence.


Any kind of exploitation, any kind of violence, is a reminder of the defective cultural paradigm in which we live. It is not enough for us to criticize this dominant cultural paradigm, but we must express and publicly defend or value system, set our limits, and draw our borders against pre-cultural phenomena like gender, physical, verbal or domestic violence.


Today, the First Reception Service underlines the unavoidable necessity of multi-sectional collaborations and interactions for the establishment of a reliable framework of prevention and protection for the victims of any kind of violence, for the substantial defense of human rights, for the emancipation and empowerment of potential victims. Thus it could be possible that the circle of violence and exploitation will be closed even before its opening. For all those women to whom we owe a promise of happiness, we continue to elaborate means for the best possible management of vulnerability, and work methodically for the establishment of a stable, systemic conception of safety and protection.

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