22-01-2015: Mid Term Meeting- Presentation for the progress of the project «Strengthen of the functioning of First Reception Mobile Units"

On Thursday, Jan 22, 2015, First Reception Service (Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection)  realized  the Mid Term Meeting for the progress of  the project “Strengthen of the functioning of the First Reception Mobile Units” . The above mentioned project is co- financed from the European Union and the External Borders Fund, it is included in part of the emergency actions of the European Committee and  aims at the areas that are under high pressure of migration flow. 

 The Minister of Public Order and Citizen Protection, Mr Vassilis Kikilias,  send a message for the meeting, stressing the effort at the direction of an essential and  creative discourse.  The Minister referred through this message to the importance of the project regarding the First Reception Service and the politics implemented for the most vulnerable group who reach our country, the unaccompanied minors.  

The head of the EC representation in Greece Mr Panos Karvounis, the Director of the International Organization for Migration Office in Athens,  Mr Daniel Esdras and the Major General of the Border Protection Mr Georgios Nitsas, welcomed the meeting.  The content of the meeting focused to issues of unaccompanied minors’ management, while relevant presentations did representatives of International Organizations, NGO’s and academics. The questions of the attendees after every unit showed clearly the extent to which the sensitive issue of children protection and their rights raises interest. Finally, the Director of First Reception Service Mr Panagiotis Nikas pointed out the importance of protecting vulnerability and especially the vulnerability  of unaccompanied minors in times of radical humanitarian crisis . Mr Nikas gave emphasis to the notion of forming reliable institutions and structures to the direction of securing the continuity of best practices