18-12-2014: U.S. Ambassador Mr. David D. Pearce visits First Reception Center at Fylakio, Evros

U.S. Ambassador Mr David D. Pearce visited the FirstReceptionCenterat Fylakio, Evros on December 16th, accompanied by U.S. Consul Mr. Robert P. Sanders. The Director of First Reception Service, Mr. Panagiotis Nikas hosted them, and showed them the premises of F.R.C., describing the reception, registration and identification procedure concerning the Third Country Nationals and the services provided during their stay at F.R.C.

U.S. Ambassador showed particular interest and talked with member of F.R.C’s personnel regarding the challenges they face. Also, he visited the living spaces for the TCN’s and talked with them.

Mr Nikas thanked Mr. Pearce and Mr. Sanders for their visit while the U.S. Ambassador wished good luck with the Services’ Work.