10-12-2014: HUMAN RIGHTS DAY


                                         PRESS RELEASE 

                                       Human Rights Day


Today, human rights day, we celebrate the adoption of the Universal Declaration by the UN General Assembly on December 10, 1948. The inspirers of the Declaration envisaged a world free of any discrimination, based on the principle of equality and humane dignity. However, today, it becomes apparent that the causes that lead to the creation of this Declaration, unfortunately still exist. 

The major humanitarian values crisis, the war conflicts, the human exploitation, the human trafficking, the tortures, constitute phenomena that are still present to the modern world.  

First Reception Service, in the context of a coordinated effort for the creation of a reliable framework for the support of the human rights of the third country nationals, who cross the Hellenic borders without legal documents, on a day like today, turn its attention to the utmost urgency of prioritizing and defending their fundamental rights.

Considering that the effective management of the mixed migration flows with the inclusion of the Third Country nationals to First Reception procedures under conditions that respect their dignity are constituent elements of the identity and task profile of the F.R.S, the close connection between the Service’s mission and the priority of the Human Rights’ Support becomes more than apparent.  

For the F.R.S., this day is not registered as a celebrating day to our calendar,   but much more as a reminder for the need of a lasting vigilance.  POSTER DESIGN  HUMAN RIGHTS DAY