Press Release

Visit of the USA Consul  in Thessalonica, Mr. Robert P. Sanders, in the First Reception Service


The USA Concul in Thessalonica, Mr. Robert P. Sanders, visited today the offices of  First Reception Service, during his informative meeting with the Director of the F.R.S. , Mr. Panagiotis Nikas.

Issues under discussion were the general planning and the activities of the Service, as well as the management of the migration flows in national and European level in general.

The Director Mr. Nikas accounted for the importance of reliable application of all the provided first reception procedures concerning third country nationals who cross the Hellenic borders without legal documents.

He focused on the appropriate conditions of immigrant accommodation, while he stressed the issue of encountering the immigrants’ vulnerability, especially that of unaccompanied minors.

In addition, Mr. Nikas pointed out that the F.R.S. has the institutional role to provide accommodation to vulnerable social groups, while it has already planned the operation of open accommodation facilities for asylum seekers as well as for vulnerable groups.

Finally, the Director underlined both the competence and the challenges of the First Reception Service, with regard to the development of up to date and reliable structures in a country like Greece, a crossroad of transnational migration, in which mixed migration flows show constant growth. 

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