«World day on the elimination of violence against Women»


The 25th of November has been declared since 1999, by the United Nations General Assembly as world day on the elimination of violence against women. 

Unfortunately,fifteen years following the institutional recognition of the phenomenon, gender-based violence according to the results of published statistical studies, constitute a problem seeking for immediate resolution:  59% of the women have been subjected to violence at least once in their life. Physical violence, verbal violence, domestic violence, trafficking are forms of the monster that does not weaken however it is haunted by the institutions and the organizations.

Apart from the above mentioned forms, First Reception Service, to the extent that it is called to administer vulnerable group members as women- exploitation victims, observes the importance of remaining to their conscience forms of addiction, economical or emotional related to lack of self-sufficiency and independency. The potential traffickers’ victims, sexual abuse have been previously existed as victims of violence, unemployment, poverty, unpaid work and racism.  

First Reception Service in cooperation with relevant public bodies such as the National Centre for Social Solidarity, with  parties of the Civil Society as well as with International Organizations, urges us all, to be vigilant and to contribute in order a proper preventive and protection framework for the victims of  all forms of violence to be established, for the genuine defending of the human rights, for the deconstruction of the well established patriarchal power relations both at the Third Country citizens’ culture and to the cultural paradigm of the Western World.  

First Reception Service will continue to administer the vulnerability and move systematically toward to a security and protection system direction for the women as well as for every vulnerable group member that enters its structure.   

You can find the flyer of the First Reception Service of the World Day on the elimination of violence against women HERE