10-10-2014: Kurban Bayrami at F.R.C. Fylakio, Evros Oct.2014

Celebration at F.R.C. at Fylakio, Evros
Κurban Bayrami   - October 2014 

Kurban Bayrami and Eid el-Adha fest celebrated this year across the Muslim world from 4th to 7th October.
On Saturday, October the 4th of 2014, a celebration took place at F.R.C. at Fylakio, Evros that one hundred Muslims are accommodated.
Specifically, the Center’s staff prepared "Roz b el shaareya" and it offered it accompanied with pastry to the Center’s residents, also Arabian and farsophone songs were heard by the auditory installations.   

The residents were pleasantly surprised from the celebration and they
warmly thanked for this organization initiative and participation to their fest, the F.R.C.’s staff. 

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