03-10-2014: Operating Aid of the First Reception Mobile Units

03-10-2014: Operating aid of the  First Reception Mobile Units


First Reception Service of the Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection is responsible for the provision of first reception services to third country nationals that enter the country without the legal formalities as well as third country nationals that are arrested for unauthorized residence and they cannot prove their nationality and identity with a public authority document.

First Reception procedures include:

i) Identity and nationality verification

ii)Their registration

iii) Medical examination for the purpose of any necessary health care and psychosocial support

iv) Their consultancy for their rights and their obligations, in particular for the requisites under which they can be under international security regime and

v)The consideration for the vulnerable groups’ members, so as to be referred individually to the procedure proposed.

Greece continues to be the main European Union gateway for third country nationals and stateless persons (refugees and economic migrants). Because of the high pressure and the needs for the provision of the first reception services, First Reception Service implements the action (program) under the title “Support of the First Reception Mobile Units operation for the first reception procedures in areas that are under pressure by high migration flows ”- HOME/2012/EBFX/CA/EA/3000-ABAC NUMBER - 30-CE-0607860/00-28 ),

That is co-financed by the European Committee and the External Borders Fund (rate of 89,72%) and that it is part of the urgent actions of the European Committee.

Beneficiary and program coordinator is the First Reception Service and co-beneficiary and collaborators are Civil Society (NGO) stakeholders “Doctors of the World- Hellenic Delegation and  “MedIn”.The above mentioned program entered in SAE 0502 of the Public Investments Program (NSRF) 2013 of the Ministry of Development and Competitiveness (pt.no. 59354/ΔΕ-7574/30-12-13, ΑΔΑ: ΒΛΓΔΦ-ΦΔΟ)