Reception and Identification Procedures are afforded by the Reception and Identification Service and are implemented by the Reception and Identification Centers (R.I.C.)which are moderated by R.I.S. as well as by the Mobile Units.

Procedures at F.R.C's as well as at the Mobile Units include: 

  • Identity and nationality verification of the illegally incoming immigrants.
  • The registration, a procedure that includes age assessment, for the cases of high importance such as the minors.
  • Medical examination including the provision of health care as well as the provision of psychosocial support, if necessary
  • Responsible information in relation to the rights and obligations of the persons concerned. Special measures for the information given to the third country nationals to the Accommodation Facilities  of the Regional Reception and Identification Services regarding the possibility of placing them under international protection status. In case that it will be noted that the concerned party is able and also wishes to be placed under international protection regime, he/she shall refer to the regional Asylum Office. In case that it is recorded that he/she is a vulnerable group member all the necessary procedures will take place for the effective transfer to the competent welfare department.


With the implementation of the Reception and Identification procedures, the third country citizens are referred to the competent services for their further administration:


I. Foreign nationals that request international security regime, they are referred to the Asylum Service

II. Vulnerable persons of the E.K.K.A. (National Centre for Social Solidarity) in order to find the appropriate hosting structure (Law 3907/2011 provides the cases in numerical order, of the characterization as vulnerable group person and should be referred as so)

III. The remaining foreign nationals to the Hellenic Police (ΕΛ.ΑΣ) for further administrative procedures

IV. For all the interested parties that will state their wish for voluntary return, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is informed and undertakes the repatriation procedures

IV.i Hellenic Police undertakes also procedures of voluntary return (Aliens Division , Attica)