Reception and Identification Service (RIS) as the main responsible public entity for the management of Third Country Nationals (TCNs) who enter the greek territory, implemented the action titled "Emergency assistance for water supply network and sewer system connection works at the Reception and Identification Center in Samos" in cooperation with Municipality of Samos, as a beneficiary, via a Programming Service Agreement between them.

The project was funded by the Emergency Assistance of the Internal Security Fund – Borders in its total (100%) according to the signed Grant Agreement.

The programme aimed to reconstruct the water supply network and connect the sewer system of the Center with the main sewer system of the island of Samos. For the implementation of all technical works needed, responsible was the respective concessionaire who was selected by the Municipality of Samos via the completion of public procurement procedures.

In general, this project enhanced the living conditions of the migrants and the working conditions for the staff of the Center, in a context of respect of human dignity, executing more effectively RIS’ mission which is to facilitate and coordinate the efficient management of TCNs entering the country irregularly.