R.I.M.U. A'


With11.1/1460 (FΕΚΒ’ 1066/29-04-2013) Ministerial decree of the Minister of Public Order and Citizen Protection it was formed the Mobile Unit that commenced its operation in 2013, July the 1st in Samos island for the effective administration of the mixed migration flows.  The Unit operates at areas of the Hellenic Police and Reception and Identification Service and is responsible for the identity verification procedures of the third country nationals, their recording,and the medical examination, the monitoring of the vulnerable groups and their reference to the competent bodies as well as their reference of the Asylum seekers to the Asylum Service.

From the commencement of its operation until April 2015, there have been recorded and appertain to first reception procedures totally 5.021 third country nationals, from whom 4.098 are men and 923 women, while for its operation have been taken all the measures needed, so as first reception procedures fulfill all the criteria regarding the respect of human rights and also to be in accordance to the International Law.

 Furthermore, for the proper function of the Unit, the Reception and Identification Service collaborates with NGOs and the UN Refugee Agency of the United Nations, regarding the provision of medical services, psychosocial support, interpretation and consultancy.